''Patriotic Links"

 By Jose Reyes Started 8/20/2005

            There is absolutely nobody that I can be more proud of than the brave Men and Woman who fought and died to protect and preserve "Freedom" in America and in many other Countries around the world. For this reason I created this link and happens to be the main motivating factor why this website even exists. This special web page lists websites where you can learn more of all the "Real" heroes and also learn of many individuals who were killed by terrorists, whose only goal is to scare people and take their liberty away. Remember, "Freedom" is a never-ending struggle. Never Forget!!

  I will be updating this link with more websites, periodically. If I missed anybody, I'm sorry. Please email me so I can post it here, I don't want to miss anybody.

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  Mesothelioma (Veterans Affairs Center):

World Trade Center (9-11-2001): [IMAGE]    

  Vietnam Memorial:

 Vietnam Dust Off Crews:

  The War in Iraq: 


  World War II Memorial: Aerial View  

  Korean War Veterans Memorial: 

  Victimas Cubanas: