By Josť Reyes                                         

              I created this link "Science Simple" in order to make it simpler to understand complex concepts. I'm writing about subjects that interest me and might interest you, the reader. I like to write about natural phenomenon and things we overlook in our everyday life. My goal is not to teach the readers, but make them more aware of the physical world around them. All the facts gathered to write my articles are from heavy researching throughout the internet, and of course, from trustworthy websites. I'm giving you the basic facts, a good head start, so you can go further on and learn more. Comments:



                                   "The Dream Team": Do a Search on all these Scientists, you will be amazed (Enlarge)

Most Recent:   Sir Isaac Newton's "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" and More

1. "Bacteria vs Viruses "

2.Planet Earth"The Power of the Earthquake"

3. Power Grids

4. Gravity "A Very Serious Matter" By Michael L. Aymar

5. .  "The Space Junkyard"

6. A Natural Phenomenon: "The Tornado" 

7. "The Magnetism of the Moon"

8. spinning globe"The Atmosphere of the Earth"

9. "The Sun and the Gift of Light"  (Entire Article) 

 Part One: "The Sun"    

 Part Two: Photosynthesis & "Greenhouse Effect   

Part Three: "Sunlight and Color"  

10. "Ocean Currents and the Distribution of Life"

11. "The Influential Jet Stream"

12.  Sir Isaac Newton's "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" and More

More to Come....